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Rules for a Lady Series by Jade Lee

I love it when I find a series that features quirky characters!  This 3-book series by Jade Lee (writing as Katherine Gryele) is just that.  These books were so fun to read and kept me giggling to the very end.  In the first, the oh-so-proper earl is faced with turning his country-mouse ward into a proper lady.  He resorts to posting a list of “rules” in her room every morning.  Of course, she tears it down.  And he reposts more rules.  And she tears it down.  It gets pretty hilarious following them through mishap after mishap–each one adding another “rule” to the list.  The second book features a corset burning / oppressive undergarment burial ritual that will keep you in stitches.  The third?  A budding bluestocking scientist’s kissing experiment gone awry takes everyone on a merry adventure.  All are thoroughly enjoyable reads.  Here are my reviews as posted on Amazon this week:

Rules for a Lady

Rules For a Lady – Jade Lee



What an enjoyable read!

Some of the reviews on Amazon complain about the lack of steam…I say not so. There’s more to romance than a step-by-step description of what happens behind a bedroom door. There is so much tension and desire between the two characters that ISN’T acted upon that when their lips finally meet in a kiss it is spectacular. There is much to be said for creating romance by what ISN’T said or done rather than what is.

The hero, a magnificently proper soldier-turned-newly-named-earl fights a torturous inner struggle when faced with his beautiful, irritating, countrified ward. Trying desperately to make her adhere to proper behavior, he gives her an ever-growing list of rules, listing such things as “a lady does not pick locks” or “a lady does not climb down trellises.” Those should give you an idea of some of the antics in this book.
Besides being a beautiful, romantic story, this book is funny. Yes, it is delightfully silly at times with witty banter and ridiculously humorous moments. I loved it. It made me laugh, made me cry, made me get all dreamy-eyed…..a success for sure.

Major Wyclyff's Campaign (A Lady's Lessons, Book 2)

Major Wyclyff’s Campaign – Jade Lee


A Campaign for Love – Why Fight It?

I must say that I’m really enjoying this author’s series, A Lady’s Lessons. This one, book 2, is even more delightfully witty and romantic than the first.

Lady Sophia was first introduced as the supposed intended of the Earl of Mavenford. After 5 Seasons, she was still unmarried and finding herself disillusioned with the men of the ton. Telling her mother she was attending this fete or that, she began slipping to a hospital to visit with the sick and wounded soldiers. It is there that she met Major Anthony Wyclyff.

Even in the midst of a fever that would surely end his life, the Major was the most
handsome man Sophia had ever seen. They talked, they argued, they shared their
hopes and dreams. Then one evening, as he surely approached death, he asked
Sophia to be his wife. Wanting to ease the suffering man, she promised to wed
him once he recovered.

The next morning, she returned to the hospital to check on the Major, only to find out he had died. Devestated, Sophia had reached the breaking point. She quit London, gave her dowry over to her brother, and resigned herself to a life of spinsterhood in the country with her aunt.

The only problem is that things aren’t always what they seem. Without spoiling things, I’ll just say that even death couldn’t defeat The Major. But winning the love of Lady Sophia might present a much more difficult battle.

This story is was so fun to read. The characters are quirky and original. The dialogue is at times downright hilarious. There are a few scenes, including one set at a cockfight involving a melee of birds that will make you laugh out loud. As with the first book in this series, I found I just couldn’t put it down because I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

Miss Woodley's Kissing Experiment (A Lady's Lessons, Book 3)

Miss Woodley’s Kissing Experiment – Jade Lee


Love This Series!

I’ve read all 3 books in this series in the last two days. That tells you how
addictive they can be.

I love writers that can write witty dialogue and humorous scenes without it seeming forced or ridiculous. This series is a wonderful example of just such a successful creation. All three of these novels made me laugh and kept me smiling right until the end.

The brother of Lady Sophia (from the previous two novels) finds himself in urgent need of an heiress. He’d managed to pay off his family’s debts and had begun to restore the
family fortune over the last 5 years, but now he was desperate to raise the funds for Sophia’s dowry. Never mind that she’d sworn she didn’t want it. He was honor bound to provide it.

Honor means everything to Geoffrey, but when a beautiful woman slips out of a tree into the 2nd story window of his house during his mother’s birthday ball and then asks him to take part in a scientific experiment, how could he decline? Especially when it was a kissing experiment.

Caroline was a bluestocking faced with someday marrying her childhood friend, Harry. This inspired her to begin an experiment to determine the connection between kissing and the heart. Harry’s kiss left her thoroughly disgusted. Could that be all there was too it? Seeing a potential ally in Geoffrey, she proposes he give her a kiss for comparative purposes. As you can imagine, his left her anything BUT disgusted.

If only Caroline were a wealthy heiress, but she’s not much better off than Geoffrey’s family. But he is drawn to her for reasons he can’t explain.

These books are great. There is enough romance to make you blush, enough lighthearted moments to keep you smiling, and a happily ever after ending that will leave you satisfied–except to wish that there were another book in the series!


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